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Sell your SaaS or API at scale effortlessly
Software back-office made simple

Like Stripe did for payments,
apifew delivers your back-office in no time


When launching or scaling your SaaS or API
becomes a resource challenge,
we take care of all back-office features.


We don't just help to automate, you outsource every step.
Face customers at scale now - No integration efforts.

The back-office Dev journey:
(our all-in-one solution)

License management

pricing definition (SaaS & API)
plans and metering
trial period
pricing versioning
openAPI file for endpoints
verb granularity

license attribution at customers' level


license & consumption dashboard
log report
finance report


User management

passwords (and reset)
email notifications

team control at customers' level


payment processing
billing & invoice generation
VAT management

Alerts & Monitoring

uptime hooks
SSL certificates 


The problem

When your tech roadmap explodes while customers are your priority, back-office features become a nightmare to deal with.

The sum of different solutions will do the job but are
time-consuming and expensive.
In-house back-office developments are costly and
maintenance is underrated. 

For Devs

Covering the full back-office journey is long and painful.
Do you have all the edge cases covered for user, license, payment and dashboard management?
There are too many topics to list them all.

For Founders

Don’t let your back-office system prevent you from improving your product and increasing sales.
Your focus is the quality of your product and customers' added value recognition.

For Finance

Data reprocessing, invoicing mistakes, tedious reporting tasks and above all, the anxiety of having missed another detail that had to be addressed manually.
VAT accountancy hidden costs when international activities start.


The solution

Must-have back-office features in one place
for lightspeed and cost-effective go-to-market.


A real life example to check

Have a look at
Once end customers click on their selected subscription plan, they are redirected to the neutral apifew's onboarding page.
From there, apifew delivers the full back-office service.

Every must-have feature is taken care of

Founders and Devs are on the same page: efficiency and no strings attached.
Don't waste time on non-added value developments, just plug our back-office solution.


A market place logic for simplicity

We act as a re-seller of your licenses and consumption-based model.
We take care of absolutely everything on the back-office side while providing all data you deemed necessary to keep in hand.




“I had no time to dig into each brick composing a back-office.
Willing to go-live asap, apifew allowed me to skip this part very efficiently

Senior Dev

How it works

How it works

Effortless back-office for SaaS and APIs

Set up your account

Register your company details and define your SaaS subscription plans.
OpenAPI files automatically generate API endpoints.

Set up account

 Pricing plan's selection
in one iframe 

It works like a marketplace.
apifew eventually faces end customers.
You will get paid after we invoice ourselves in your name. 
Our APIs are available for deeper integration.

Pricing plan definition

Just focus on your product

Access a dashboard with a clear view of users, licenses, sales and revenues.
All metrics are available to monitor efficiently your finance and customers' consumption.



We initially created apifew to fill a need as developers.

Our experience drove us to apifew so we can share a way for developers to:
- Lower cost and development time.
- Propose a tried solution made for and by builders.
- Less admin and support required for your internal IT team.




Free 15-day trial & no card required


-no commissions-


  • Plug up to 3 apps

  • Subscription management

  • User management and user data base access

  • License management

  • Billing management

  • VAT management

  • Log report

  • Finance Dashboard

  • Alert and tech monitoring

  • Referral program

  • Multilingual



  • Get a quote tailored to your requirements.


  • What are your unique selling propositions?
    apifew propose a genuine model that offers: - High flexibility while setting up subscription plan pricings. From basic SaaS monthly payment plans to API verb granulatiry base consumption. SaaS and API providers can easily set up every possible plan. - A real "set and forget" solution for VAT and accountancy matters. apifew faces end customers. As a result SaaS and API providers only face apifew, thus simplifying their accountancy and VAT matters to the extreme.
  • Is there a trial period available?
    Of course, a 15-day trial period is available. No credit card required.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. To do this, simply go to your portal, release and cancel your apifew license.
  • How does apifew manage the payments for end customers and SaaS or API providers?
    For end customers: apifew uses Stripe to accept payments from clients via their Credit Cards. For SaaS and API providers: -apifew pays at the end of each month. -apifew pays a fixed amount every time a treshold is triggered.
  • Is there really "no integration" needed to enjoy apifew services as a SaaS or API provider?
    SaaS or API providers only need three steps to use apifew's solution: 1. Set up their account 2. Set up their app (SaaS or API) 3. Check our API to understand how to make the only API call needed to validate their end customer app access and usage.

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