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Application setup



Any software that provides a service It can integrate an API or be an API by itself
Configuration for monetization and access control purposes.
3 kinds exist: pricing plans, endpoint subpricings and credit subpricings.
Subpricings are linked to pricing plans, usually if an application is API enabled.
pricing plans
Main kind of pricing, all application must have a least one pricing plan defined.
It allow apifew to issue licenses related to pricing plans to end-users.
A pricing plan includes at least a description and a pricing model: upfront (perpetual) or subscription.
It may also include API specific configuration, such as available endpoints with related subpricing, and credits subpricings.
endpoint subpricing
It is classic API monetization based on requests usage.
credits subpricing
Some use-cases involve some kind of fine-tuning pricing.
In such cases, a counting variable is defined ("credits").
pricing buckets
All pricings and subpricings have buckets defined.
It allows volume discount, overruns, solf limits and hard limits.

Setup steps

Application setup takes 2 steps:
- setting up general features - setting up pricings capabilities

If an application is a SaaS or equivalent,

General settings

Multi-language setup

All application informations available to end-users can be setup in different languages.
Beware that adding a new language makes descriptions mandatory, also in the pricing plans section.
If a language is setup and matches end-user prefered language, it will be selected, otherwise English is default language.

New license email

This area sets the template for message received by end-users when subscribing a new licence.
It is possible to provide variable names (between <>) to be automatically replaced by given value when message is sent:

Application label
(application public name as defined in General settings)
Customers support email
Webpage URL for documentation
License label
License owner's email
License user's email
License user's key
License start date (equivalent to trial start date if applicable)
Trial period end date
License subscription expiry date

API routes & endpoints

If an application provides an API, all endpoints (route + method) must be defined here.
At pricing plan setup, it will be possible to include/exclude each endpoint and apply a given subpricing.